My chromebook is slow!
Your Chromebook is communicating with an Access Point located by the door next to the ceiling in your room.
So is everybody else in the room.

What can I do!

Don't stream video unless it is for a class. That slows everybody down.

Turn off the WiFi on your cell phone to limit the number of devices connected to the radio in that room. 

Move to a room with fewer devices in it, if possible. Remember, if you do, turn off your WiFi when leaving one room, then turn the WiFi back on in the next room. Your Chromebook will attach to the closest radio it can find.

Change from TVCSD to TVCSD-Guest, or vice-versa. They both will connect to the internet at the same rate.

Close all Tabs you are not using. Open Tabs take up valuable memory resources, to many tabs = slower Chromebook.

Navigate to chrome://extensions. Uncheck any extension you are not using. Extensions running in the background can slow you down.

Go to Menu --> Settings --> Show Advanced Settings -->
Under Privacy, uncheck "Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors"

Go to Menu --> Settings --> Show Advanced Settings -->
Under Privacy, click Clear Browsing Data.  In the Clear Browsing Data box, check only "Cookies and other site data" and Cached images and files", then click Clear browsing data.

And of course, Restart your Chromebook.  

Try these Chromebook keyboard shortcuts:

Show the keyboard shortcut overlay: Control + Alt + ?
Lock the screen: Control + Shift + L
Open the file manager: Alt + Shift + M
Take a screenshot: Control + Switcher key
Open the task manager: Search + Esc
Close your current tab: Ctrl + W
Activate a specific tab: Control + 1 - 8
Launch apps from the shelf: Alt + 1 - 8
Search on current page: Ctrl + F
Open Menu: Alt + E

Chromebook Printing      
Click on the links below, you will be directed to a webpage, click Add Printer.

          High School Media Center/Library Printer

          Lab 220 Printer (Mrs Vrzak's Room)

          Study Hall Printer (Room 330)



Google Accounts

Microsoft Office 365

Students and Parents                                                                    Remote Desktop Link

Instructions for acquiring Microsoft Office 365.

Go to the Office 365 Education site on the computer you want to install Microsoft Office 365 on.

Type in your Microsoft Turkey Valley email address.

It looks like this:

This is a special email address created for you by Turkey Valley School.  Every student at Turkey Valley has a Microsoft account.  You can email Mr. Hackman if you need help with this.

When you are logged in, you will see an "Install Now" button, which will install Microsoft Office on that computer.  This will work on up to 5 different devices, PC or Mac.  Simply follow these same steps on other devices.