Turkey Valley School Board
school board
 Leon Shatek, Ernie Schmitt
Jody Steinlage,  Don Blazek Jr., Brenda Mueterthies

Don Blazek Jr. dblazek@turkey-v.k12.ia.us
Ernie Schmitt eschmitt@turkey-v.k12.ia.us
Leon Shatek   lshatek@turkey-v.k12.ia.us
Jody Steinlage jsteinlage@turkey-v.k12.ia.us
Brenda Mueterthies bmueterthies@turkey-v.k12.ia.us

Turkey Valley School District Mission Statement:

In our on-going quest for excellence, the Turkey Valley School District educates and empowers learners to reach their fullest potential through high student achievement, life-long learning skills, and responsible productive citizenship.